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Quick Facts

School Hours: 9:00 am - 3:35 pm
Grade Distribution: Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8
Principal: Gidget Davidson
Family of Schools: St. Andre Bassette Secondary School

Our Parish

Holy Family Parish
777 Valetta St, London, ON, N6H 2Y9

About our School

St. Thomas More Catholic School is located in the Orchard Park Community in the Medway area. The school serves a diverse community bound in the north by Medway Creek and Gainsborough Road, on the east by the Thames River, in the south at Oxford Street, W. and in the west by Limberlost Road and Gainsborough Road.
St. Thomas More Catholic School opened as a two-room school in 1959. Grades 1-4 were in one classroom and grades 5-8 were in the other classroom. In 1960, two rooms were added upstairs as well as a kindergarten, a library and gymnasium. The school went through a great growth period and had many portable classrooms during the 1970's and 1980's.
Today ten classes are housed in the main building and four classes are in portables as new schools were built in London to ease the overcrowding at St. Thomas More. A full-time principal, secretary, four custodian and three and a half educational assistants are joined by a part-time custodian. and librarian to support the efforts of one full time and one part-time French Teachers, a part-time music and a student program support teacher and nine full-time teachers.
Our School Council combines the work of many parents in helping to meet the needs of our community. In addition, our proximity to the University of Western Ontario allows for many excellent volunteers to be utilized.

Mission Statement

We endeavour to live our Catholic faith in modelling the teachings of Christ to nurture each child's understanding, mutual respect, honesty, and acceptance, by creating an inclusive environment. All members of our community will be empowered to vigorously pursue individual and collective excellence in order to make a positive contribution to the lives of others.


The school has ten classrooms in the building, four classes in portables, a library shared with ESL students, a full gymnasium with two adjacent change rooms, a staff room, 2 administration offices, one french office, one custodial office and six student washrooms.
As well, we are very proud of an expansive schoolyard with playground equipment, a soccer field, a baseball diamond and numerous landscaped gardens, including a garden dedicated to the memory of former staff member, Ann Hollaway who died tragically in an automobile accident.

Transportation Information

St. Thomas More Catholic School has four buses that transport children to and from school each day. The remainder of the children walk to and from school each day. As well, students with special needs are provided with special transportation to and from school.​